Meet the 7-segment display

Displays convert electrical signals to visual representations that have meaning to people. The 7-segment display is a simple device to display numbers or even some characters. The project’s result is a 7-segment display set to display the capital character ‘E’.


The project is an introduction to displays.

  • You see how breadboards, resistors, and 7-segment displays look like .
  • You understand how breadboard works.
  • You understand the difference between schematic and real circuit.
  • You understand what a 7-segment display does.

The Schematic

This is the circuit of the project.


On breadboard



You can see a way to set up the circuit on the breadboard. Remember, there are many correct ways to transfer a circuit on the breadboard.


  • Every segment consists of a LED.
  • Resistors role is to reduce the current to prevent and damages to the LEDs.
  • By turning on a selected group of segments, a specific number or character is displayed.